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    This Is Speedgolf - Part 4

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    • First-time Speedgolfers 
    • Shooting lowest round ever
    • Playing 9 holes in 30 minutes

    Speedgolf 100 Yard Dash - Week 6

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    • 100 yard dash results
    • This is FUN!

    This Is Speedgolf - Part 3

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    • 'Speedgolf Into The Unknown'
    • Winter '16 Intro To Speedgolf Session
    • 1st Time Speedgolfer
    • Cypresswood Golf Club

    Speedgolf 100 Yard Dash - Week 4 

    In this video:

    • 100 yard dash results
    • New record - 23 seconds
  • Go faster. Pay Less. Play Speedgolf!

    You lead a busy life. You enjoy golf, but don't have the time. You jog, but that gets boring.

    Speedgolf may be perfect for you. It's about fun. It's about fitness. It's about time!


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Speedgolf?

    Speedgolf is a sport that fuses two seemingly unrelated activities, golf and running, into a fun, fitness-oriented challenge that players of any skill and fitness level can play and enjoy:

    • Speedgolf adds the element of time to the game of Golf as an additional performance factor. Thus, a Speedgolf score equals the combination of strokes and time required to complete a round. (i.e. - 65 in 44:06 = 109:06)
    • Players move as fast as they can between shots, use a limited set of clubs (max 7), and generally carry their own bag. Pull carts, and even electric carts can also be utilized for recreational rounds if needed or desired.
    • Etiquette is the same as golf; players are expected to care for the course (rake bunkers, fix ball marks), and wear appropriate golf/athletic attire.
    • Players are encouraged to wear running shoes to minimize injury and prevent course damage potentially caused by running with soft spikes; bags are carried, not dragged, and never placed on the green surface.

    Do I play with other people, or alone?

    In Speedgolf, players generally tee off alone or with a playing partner in 3-5 minute intervals. Other popular formats include 2-person alternate shot. Typically, the faster players or groups tee off first, with the slower players teeing off behind. This helps to avoid a situation where one player or group passes another during the round.  

    Do I have to run the entire time?

    No. Speedgolf is played at the pace of FUN, while challenging yourself to get around as fast as you can.The events are 9 holes, which is equivalent to about 2-2.5 miles, or 18 holes, which is about 5 miles. Some players walk fast, some jog, some alternate between running and walking, and some sprint out all the way around. 

    How long does it take to play?

    Speedgolf times generally begin at first light, with the fastest players teeing off first, and the rest of the players following in 3-4 minute intervals. Runners will finish in around 30 minutes for 9 holes and 1 hour for 18 holes, and fast walkers will finish 9 holes in around 1 hour, or 18 holes in under 2 hours. Players should be able to complete 9 holes in no more than 75 minutes for 9 holes, and 2 hours 30 minutes for 18 holes. 

    Is Speedgolf for me?

    Playing golf at the pace of FUN is for everyone! Come find out for yourself! Besides being a fun, energetic and new way to play the great game of golf, there are a myriad of benefits associated with Speedgolf. Benefits like fitness, creativity, shot-making skills, health, wellness, and imagination. In addition, Speedgolf is a catalyst in demonstrating that playing a little faster in traditional golf can actually lead to better golf performance.

    What are the rules?

    The applicable Rules of Golf, as put forward by the USGA and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, Scotland, shall be adhered to. In addition, Speedgolf International has released the Official Rules of Speedgolf.


    I. Equipment:
    a. Number of Clubs. A player is allowed to carry a maximum of seven clubs.
    b. Club Transportation. No wheeled, powered or other such club transport devices are allowed.
    c. Shoes. Players may not wear shoes with metal spikes.
    d. GPS Devices. Global Positioning System devices may be used when playing Speedgolf, but must not provide any information regarding wind speed or elevation change.


    II. Play:
    a. Flagsticks. There shall be no penalty for a ball hitting the flagstick. However, the ball must touch the bottom of the cup in order to be considered holed.
    b. Carrying Clubs. Players must carry their own clubs, either held in their hands or in a golf bag. Caddies are not allowed.
    c. Lost Ball. If a player cannot find his or her ball, he or she may, under penalty of one stroke, proceed in one of the following three ways: 1) replay the shot; 2) drop the ball within two club lengths of where the ball is reasonably assumed to have come to rest, but no nearer the hole, or 3) drop a ball along the line of flight of the previous shot, but no nearer the hole.
    d. Unplayable Lie. If a player decides that the ball is in an unplayable position, he or she may, under penalty of one stroke, proceed in one of the following three ways: 1) replay the shot; 2) drop the ball within two club lengths of where the ball came to rest, but no nearer the hole, or 3) drop a ball along the line of flight of the previous shot, but no nearer the hole. This rule does not apply for balls that come to rest in a water hazard. The rule is in effect for balls in bunkers, but the ball must be dropped within the bunker.
    e. Out of Bounds. If a ball is out of bounds, the player may, under penalty of one stroke, proceed in one of the following three ways: 1) replay the shot; 2) drop the ball within two club lengths of where the ball crossed the out of bounds line, but no nearer the hole, or 3) drop a ball along the line of flight of the previous shot, but no nearer the hole.


    III. Scoring
    a. Total Score. Upon completion of round, a Speedgolf Score shall be determined by adding the total number of strokes taken for the round to the total time required to complete the round.
    b. Measuring Elapsed Time. Time to complete the round shall be measured from the moment the player hits their initial shot on the first hole, until the moment the ball strikes the bottom of the cup on their last hole.
    c. Expressing the Score. Score shall be expressed as a whole number followed by a colon, followed by a whole number. The number prior to the colon is derived by adding the golf score to the number of minutes (with no seconds) of elapsed time. The number following the colon represents the number of seconds in addition to the total minutes required to complete the round. For example, if a player requires 78 strokes and 46 minutes and 32 seconds to complete his round, the score shall be expressed as 124:32.

    How long has Speedgolf been around?

    The sport is believed to have begun in the 1970's when a handful of golfers began setting and chasing the world record. Speedgolf gained some notoriety in 1979 when former American record holder in the mile Steve Scott sped to an 18-hole time of 29 minutes 30 seconds and shot 95.
    In the 1990's, an organization called the International Speedgolf Association put on several tournaments in which players had caddies in carts that carried the players clubs, called out yardages, and did course maintenance for the player. In 2000, Speedgolf International was formed and has put on numerous tournaments since. In tournaments sanctioned by Speedgolf International, players carry their own clubs, usually 5 or 6, in a bag specifically designed for Speedgolf. Caddies are not allowed.
    The current world record in Speedgolf was established in October, 2005 when Christopher Smith shot a five under par 65 in 44:06 for a Speedgolf score (SGS) of 109:06 at a tournament in the Chicago Speedgolf Classic at Jackson Park Golf Course.

    *Some information above gathered from the Speedgolf International website

    Below are a few helpful #tips to get you started on the right foot.

    Take our advice. We learned this stuff the hard way!

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    Trust us. If you don't do anything else, make sure you grab a pair of rain gloves! Don't leave home without them. Rain gloves perform better the wetter it gets, last longer than traditional gloves, and you can use them anytime. Be sure to opt for the tighter fit. 

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    Today's athletic golf attire is built to wick away moisture from you body as you sweat. They must have known speedgolf was going to become an international craze! Beware of 100% cotton, unless you want to make the turn wearing a shirt that feels more like a weighted vest.

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    Speedgolf may favor the swift-footed, but it also rewards smart decisions off the tee, and a little patience on the greens. Each stroke is equal to one minute (of exercise), so you can see why the 'Happy Gilmore' approach may not work  in Speedgolf. Go hard between shots, but give your heart a little breather before you take the club back. 

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    The Zone. The Playing State. The Present. We've all heard about that elusive dimension of pure joy. Some of us have even been there a few times. If it's been a while, or you are looking forward to your first 'Zone' experience, get ready! Speedgolf is the key that can unlock the door to lower scores in your traditional game, and bring back the excitement you felt when you first picked up a club! 

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