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    Take a few minutes to get familiar with the fastest growing hybrid sport in the world!

    Accelerating Golf

    to the Next Level

    5 hour rounds are a thing of the past. Mile after mile of 6am treadmill jogs are over. Speedgolf has fused two seemingly unrelated sports together, and spawned a revolution. Pick up the pace, get fit, lower your scores, and have a blast doing it!

    Speedgolf World Championship

    Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

    Watch some of the world's fittest & fastest golfers compete for the title of 2012 Speedgolf World Champion. This 36 hole event was contested on the the Old Macdonald and Bandon Dunes courses at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort in October, 2012. 

    Golf Channel Special on Speedgolf World Record Holder 

    Watch this Golf Channel special on Chris Smith, Speedgolf world record holder, as he talks about the tremendous benefits he's experienced since becoming an avid speedgolfer over 15 years ago.

  • Speedgolf Newsroom

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    The crew doesn't just play regular golf. They play the game on steroids. After each drive, chip, and putt-- they take off. - Chris Sutter


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    "It's hard enough to shoot 78 in four hours. One man did it in 40 minutes." 

    - Golf.com

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    "Willis actually played better when he had to run after his ball instead of over-thinking the game like most people do."

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    I can report that there is a new way of playing this great and ancient game. It’s called Speedgolf. You’ve probably heard about it. But until you see it, you can’t quite believe it. - Andy Maher


    Houston Links Feature

    "Speedgolf eliminates the over-thinking. You play more by feel and create shots.." - Scott Dawley, Speedgolf Texas

    Speedgolf Golf Magazine

    "At speed golf's premier event, Olympic runners, a U.S. Special Forces captain and a chiropractor blazed through 18 holes."

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    "It was alot of fun, very challenging. I'm hooked. I want more." - Nick Willis

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    "I feel great, fantastic, delighted," said Hogan, who took home the top prize of $15,000.

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    "The other great thing about Speedgolf is that...you get an opportunity to start creating shots again." - Scott Dawley

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    "I play at 6 a.m., run five miles, get in 18 holes, get home by 8 a.m. and my wife and kid are just getting out of bed.'"- Tim Scott, Speedgolf International

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    "The first round trying this may be very scary. It was for me. But over the course of the round...the more I trusted the better I got." - Jaacob Bowden

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    "Playing Speedgolf has taught me to be a lot more intuitive and creative on the golf course." - Ralph Reahard, PGA Professional


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