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Introducing The Pace Of Change Podcast

The game of Golf is about to undergo massive transformation. It has to if it's going to keep pace with modern times. We believe this change is for the better!
Episode 001 - 12/07/15
The Pace Of Change Podcast - Episode 001
In the next 5 to 10 year the game of golf is going to undergo some major transformations. It has to if it's going to stay relevant.
The purpose of this podcast is to bring you, the listener, along with us on this revolutionary journey golf is about to embark upon. Each week we'll be bringing you the latest news, interviews with game changers in the industry, and innovative breakthroughs in technology and even alternative formats like speedgolf, fling golf, foot golf, and disc golf. All of this is going to shed light on the ways in which golf is evolving to keep pace with demands of the modern world.
The show hosts, #2 World Ranked Speedgolfer Scott Dawley, and Dude Spellings, co-founder of and Speedgolf Texas, are golfers and runners who have first hand experience that playing golf faster unlocks new and undiscovered levels of fun, enjoyment, and peak performance.
Make no mistake, Golf has to change, but we believe it's changing for the better. Are you ready? We do it fast, we make it fun, so turn it up and enjoy this episode of The Pace of Change Podcast.
Episode 1 Discussion Topics
  • 2015 Speedgolf World Championships Recap 
  • 2nd place finishers Scott Dawley relives his record tying performance, which included 6 birdies and a hole out eagle
  • Gain insights into how he trained to compete for the title of Speedgolf World Champion in 2015.
  • Dawley also talks about the future of the Speedgolf, where he sees the sport 10 years from now, and what needs to happen in the near term to keep the momentum growing.
Scott Dawley's 2015 World Championship Results
Round 1
78 + 51:39 = 129:39
Round 2
72 + 48:21 = 120:21
*This episode is sponsored in part by LinksRun
LinksRun is an innovative racing concept whose founders are passionate about running and growing the game of golf in the 21st century. Their vision is to build a bridge between two of the largest athletic communities in the world, golfers and runners, by hosting foot races on golf courses. Check out for more information.
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