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    2016 Pace Of Play Challenge

    December 31st, 2016

    Wolfdancer GC - Bastrop, Tx

    Presented by Speedgolf Texas

  • Events Summary

    Choose from 3 event formats, each with their own unique and fun pace of play challenge!

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    SpeedgolfTexas Pro Am


    timed event

    score + time

    10-12 spots

    -Strenuous Aerobic Activity

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    Pace Of Play Challenge

    2 person team best ball

    timed event

    3 hour time limit

    18-20 teams

    -Moderate Aerobic Activity

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    Last Chance Open

    2 person team best ball

    *non-timed event

    gross flight - net flight

    36-40 teams

    -Minimal Aerobic Activity

    Amateur Entry - $90

    Pro Entry - $290

    Entry includes:

    green fee, lunch, gift, FREE entry to Last Chance Open ($225 value)

    Optional Games:

    Skins - $25

    Practice rounds = $55


    Individual Entry - $105


    Entry includes:

    green fee, lunch, gift, free entry to Last Chance Open ($225 value)

    Optional Games:

    Best Ball - $50 per player

    Skins - $25 per player

    Practice rounds = $55

    Individual Entry - $105


    Entry includes:

    green fee, lunch, gift ($135 value)


    Optional Games:

    Best Ball - $50 per player

    Skins - $25 per player

    Practice rounds = $55

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Last Chance Open | Pace Of Play Flights | Speedgolf

    How is The Pace Of Play Challenge different from other golf events?

    Simple: We offer TIMED FLIGHTS! Now you can play for fun or competitively, at a pre-determined pace. We call these Pace-Of-Play Flights.

    The Pace Of Play Team Challenge gives golfers a chance to play as fast as they want, and compete against others who want to play at a similar pace. It's also a great way to spend the last day of the year! Join us this year and be a part of this unique golf outing.

      What is the Last Chance Open?

      The Last Chance Open is an ongoing annual event that we will run as the afternoon portion of the Pace Of Play Challenge. It is an untimed 2-person team event with gross and net flights. The gross flight teams will play best ball. The net flight teams will play a scramble.

      What is a Pace Of Play Flight? What are my options?

      Speedgolf Texas is introducing a new concept this year. We think it's gonna be huge! We are letting our participants decide how fast they want to play, with a 3-hour time limit. Finish on time and avoid additional stroke penalties.

      What is the penalty for finishing over the allotted time in my Pace Of Play flights?

      A one shot penalty stroke will be added for every minute over the allotted time in your flight.


      For Example:

      POP Flight: 3 hours

      Round Time: 3 hours + 2minutes

      Penalty: 2 strokes

      Are there any rules modifications to accommodate playing faster?

      There may be a few local rules to help encourage faster play. We will highlight them on the rules sheet and discuss them prior to teeing off.


      Can I use a golf cart?

      Golf carts are permitted. Unless you're playing Speedgolf!

      What if I can't find a partner? Can you help me find one?​

      Yes. We can help match players who have registered and paid the entry fee. If you need a partner, email us here

      What is Speedgolf?

      Speedgolf is a sport that fuses golf, fun, and fitness into a timed format that players of any skill and fitness level can play and enjoy:

      • Speedgolf adds the element of time to the game of Golf as an additional performance factor. Thus, a Speedgolf score equals the combination of strokes and time required to complete a round. (i.e. - 80 in 60 min = 140)
      • Players move as fast as they can between shots, use a handful of clubs, all of which must be carried by the player. 
      • Etiquette is the same as golf; players are expected to care for the course (rake bunkers, fix ball marks), and wear appropriate golf/athletic attire.
      • Players are encouraged to wear running shoes to minimize injury and prevent course damage potentially caused by running with soft spikes; bags are carried, not dragged, and never placed on the green surface. Rain gloves are highly encouraged. 

      Will there be a pro purse in the Speedgolf division?

      Speedgolf Texas will guarantee a $1,000 purse if at least 5 pros play. $200 of each pro entry fee will go towards the purse. We are currently working on event sponsor activation. If you, your company, or anyone you know is interested in event sponsorship, please use the contact us form below. We will respond right away.

      Do I still wear golf shoes if I play Speedgolf or one of the Pace of Play flights?

      Running shoes are highly recommended for this event. Comfortable, plenty of traction, and the course superintendent will thank us for not destroying their greens!

      Something has come up and I need to cancel my entry. Do I get a refund?

      This is a non-reFUNdable event. Unless Wolfdancer floods or freezes on New Year's Eve day, we are playing golf! Of course we're expecting gorgeous South Texas weather on New Year's Eve Day!  


      If you have any questions, comments, or are interested in partnering with us for the event, please fill out the form below and let us know what you're thinking. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks, and we look forward to talking to you soon!

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